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The Chaplain

About The Chaplain

The Chaplain is a family run catering company providing great quality affordable food to our community in Kidlington. Consistency and taste are our key focus. We constantly look to innovate and create mouth-watering food that delight. As a result keeps you coming back to The Chaplain over and over again.

At The Chaplain we pride ourselves on quality and choice; we offer fresh, carefully prepared food using our unique blend of spices, bringing together the finest ingredients in order to cook up something for everyone.

Our History

The Chaplain began trading in a bright orange 24 foot long catering trailer in October 2017. We quickly outgrew the trailer. With the number of customers increasing and the trailer became unsuitable for the influx of customers As a result we moved into the kitchen inside Kidlington Football Club in July 2018. The move to brought about The Chaplain catering. We are delighted to be the official caterer of Kidlington FC.

In September 2018 we started our food delivery service in Kidlington. As a result bringing our great quality affordable food to our community.

What do we do?

Food is the universal language of the world and there is nothing better for bringing people together. Some of the foods we cook use our family recipes that have been tried and tested and perfected over several generations. With this expertise in cooking authentic food we decided to feed our wider community the same great food we eat.

What motivates us to sell great quality food?

We take great pride in you choosing our family to feed your family. The food we sell will only leave our premises if is good enough for us to eat. Above all the food we sell to you is the same food we feed our family.

Why the short opening hours?

At The Chaplain we believe family comes first. As a result, we keep our opening hours short so that everyone at The Chaplain has a good work life balance. We understand this is not best for business. However, we believe family is more important.

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